Should You Put an Egg in Burger Meat as a Patty Binder?

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The chicken egg – It’s one of the world’s tastiest foods and the most versatile as well. If you’re making hamburger patties, you will think the egg goes inside the patty. Like a meatball, the egg will keep your meat together, so it doesn’t fall apart.


For the patty, the burger meat should not have any binders or extenders in it. Your hamburger meat should only be meat and spices – nothing else. If you want some egg in your burger, it’s better as a topping rather than in the meat.

Basically you can make a burger with or without an egg. If you’re not convinced and want some eggy deliciousness, we have a few tips for you. We’ll help you make the most of the egg in your burger.

Do You Put Eggs In Ground Beef For Hamburgers?

When you think of burgers, the perfect hamburger can only have meat on it. You want your meat chilled and seasoned with salt and pepper right before you cook it. Depending on your taste, you can add some chilies or dry rub.

If you’re looking for a perfect hamburger patty, that’s it. You don’t put any binders or extenders on it.

No eggs. No bread crumbs. No extras except for some sliced onions if you’re making patties for an Oklahoma burger.

Why are you only using the meat for your patty? Does this do anything for you, or are we simple purists?

Adding binders like eggs or bread crumbs to your patty can extend your beef. These addons will help create a meatball instead of a burger. You don’t want that.

Binders change the flavor of the meat that you use. Eggs, for example, have a different cooking time than beef. The protein makeup is also different, creating a different texture experience.

For example, eggs start coagulating at 140 F (60 C), and yolks begin at 149 F (65 C). Ground meat starts cooking at around 160 F (71.11 C) on medium-rare. This differential temperature can make your burger taste weird.

The egg can make the ground meats change in makeup. The protein will break apart at a microscopic level, making it mushy and flat. The egg can also cut on the texture of the meat and make it too smooth.

Why Do People Put Eggs In Ground Beef?

If an egg is not suitable for the burger, why do many burger guides online say add it? Why is there so much conflicting information about burgers?

There’s a common misconception online that it is best to add an egg to a patty. This can be a problem for many since people rely on online answers. The truth is as straightforward as it is.

When you look at those fast-food hamburger commercials, you will notice the “100% pure beef”. Fast-foods do not have the best burger at all, but there’s a reason why people like them. Using 100% pure meat is the only way you want your burger.

Pure meat gives you all the texture profiles that you want in your burger. The natural juices and the meaty mouthfeel is exciting and delicious. Whether it’s beef, pork, or chicken, you want the savory umami goodness with every bite.

People say you need to add an egg because many think the meat will fall apart. The meat falling apart is easy to remedy by using a coarse grind and chilling the meat. By preventing your meat from overworking, you can keep the shape, letting the fibers bind.

What Type Of Meat You Use With Eggs?

Not all people like beef burgers. If you’re looking at meats that can use egg, there are a few options that you have. Some situations need a binder so you can salvage your patty.

For starters, if you, by accident, bought a very fine grind of beef or pork, an egg can help. It won’t have the same superb flavor, but it can still help keep the meat together.

For people who like to experiment with a meat blend from different meat types, eggs are useful. Eggs help create a homogenized mixture of meats and allow even cooking across the mix.

Poultry meats can also take advantage of the egg as a binder. Meats like chicken, turkey or ostrich are lean and don’t have as much flavor like beef or pork. They also don’t have the same protein density as these 4-legged meats, so they dry up fast.

If you’re looking to use poultry, some eggs can help add back the moisture of the meat itself. It also helps keep up the flavor intensity of the ground poultry so you can taste it better.

Plant-based vegan burgers from scratch can take advantage of an egg as a binder too. Many meat substitutes will not have the same protein fibers like real meat. Ovo-vegetarians can benefit from using eggs to add animal protein and extra meaty flavor.

How Do Eggs Work as Binding Agents?

So, how do eggs act as a binding agent for your meats? Why is it one of the universal ways to put ingredients together? This is something you can explain with science.

Apart from water, the primary component of eggs is protein. These proteins are long-chain amino acids coiled together in a loose form. When you heat or beat eggs, the protein inside unfurls and denatures.

Once its proteins unfold, eggs give strength and stability to meats. Their proteins connect with other molecules.

Hydrophobic (water-hating) proteins go into the air and still to the nearest proteins. Hydrophilic (water-loving) proteins will go into the water and add moisture to the meat.

If you’re looking for eggs that only bind, you want to use only the egg whites. Egg whites contain almost zero fat, and they contain less carbohydrate content.

With all its proteins, it helps in better adhesion and binding of your meats. Whites only will, however, draw out the internal moisture of the mixture.

If you’re looking to add more moisture to your blend, it’s better to use only the yolks. Egg yolks can seal in the natural juices of your meat mix. If you put the entire egg in, the yolk gets a boost from the egg whites and seals flavor further.

Pro-Tip: Use Eggs As Burger Topping!

Egg topping for burger

So, you can’t put eggs in your hamburger patty because it will taste weird. For people who like eggs on their burgers, there is a way to incorporate it for tasty hamburgers.

Eggs are some of the best toppings you can use for a burger. The taste of eggs adds some extra savoriness and creaminess with every bite. Eggs, in whatever form, are some of the most hearty add-ons.

For example, adding a nice fried egg over easy or over medium can give you a creamy bite. The runny egg can add some extra complexity to the hamburger you are eating.

Adding fried egg is a typical topping for burgers with extra meats as toppings like bacon. Breakfast burgers with mild-salted fried eggs are delicious. Eat it gushy or taste it with yolks well done, and you should be good to go.

If you want some extra body with your eggs, you can also do your eggs scrambled or as an omelet. Sandwiches like the Denver omelet burger are very filling. They could make for a nice sandwich at lunch without going over the top.

People who want to add eggs but are wary of the extra fat and sodium content can go poached. Having your eggs poached will still get you that tasty, creamy runniness everyone wants. Because you cooked the egg without oil, it’s a healthier alternative than frying.

Having an egg or two in your burger as a topping is a great choice. It works well with any burger that you want, and it will taste awesome.

Are you the type of person who wants their burgers to be substantial and delicious? Eggs as a topping are a superb pick.


Should you put an egg in burgers? If you’re rearing to add the egg as a binder to your patty, don’t. Binders and extenders don’t belong to help the meat in your hamburger patties.

If you’re afraid your burger is going to fall apart, get coarse ground meat, then chill it. Make sure the patties are cold but not frozen to help give your burgers the right body. Form them in delicate discs, and you should be good to go.

Have poultry meats or even vegetarian patties? An egg can be useful to homogenize your patty. It can add some extra taste and volume that is not present in your choice of meat.

Your best bet if you are willing to use eggs is to use it as a topping. Eggs are a tasty treat that can add a rich and creamy dimension to your burgers. Take it fried, scrambled, or poached – it’s all up to your taste.

When you make your burger, making a delicious sandwich means enhancing your ingredients. You want to scale up the taste of every component. If you can add a new dimension of flavor to your burger by improving the classic tastes, you’re good to go.

Remember, the best burger is one that you can enjoy. Have a combination in mind? Go for it and savor the deliciousness of a tasty hamburger.

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